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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the owner helps customers while still keeping an eye on the latest news on the egyptian television. his 90-year-old father, sister and brother lived in a suez canal town and have been protesting. >> we are not working for egyptians. -- theworking for them muslim brotherhood as a group. >> a steady stream of customers came through, all races and religions, asking what the latest was, and if his family was ok. >> they are fearing individual twohs inside of the home -- deaths inside of the home. there is always fear. where they are living right now, the brotherhood has shut them
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off. >> while being interviewed, he took skype calls from egypt and explained the majority turned to the military because it was clear mohamed morsi was giving too much -- given to much trouble -- power. >> there were people in the street peacefully saying we do not want this government. the army had no other option but to say you need to go. >> the biggest question for egypt and here and abroad is when the uncertainty will end. >> another violent night in baltimore. one man is dead, another in stable condition after a double shooting on the 1800 block of east landing. so far, police have no suspects or a motive. in light of the recent spike in
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shootings, civic and community leaders took part in the public safety walks, starting just two blocks away from where someone was shot in the chest last wednesday near pulaski and boyd streets. community leaders say showing a united front played a significant role in fighting violence. >> it will take everybody coming together. the problem of violence in our city and cities across the country is complex and it requires complex solutions. >> no one person or agency can solve the problems. it has to be a collaborative effort and it starts with the community. >> public safety walks are scheduled regularly and police are optimistic about the results. a medical examiner will perform and pepsi on a man shot to death in will, no county.
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dominic jones was announced that after being shot near salisbury. witnesses report seeing jones run to a dark-colored car that took him to the hospital where he died. police are searching for a suspect. investigating the apparent drowning of a baby in caroline county. police say two-year-old xavier dawson was found unresponsive in a home in denton. the child's body will be taken to the medical examiners in baltimore. no word on if charges will be filed. tracks like rain is moving -- >> light rain is moving to the baltimore metro area. we have a more substantial shower near bwi. we are now in the upper 70's toward woodstock.
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85 degrees downtown in baltimore. temperatures will be rising to the operating's in the -- upper 80's this afternoon, and we could have storm chances for the next couple of days. with traveling plans for the summer, trips to the gas pump can really add up. find out how to save on gas just by logging online. >> in the case of george zimmerman
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>> the judge in the trial of george zimmerman heard arguments about a controversy of piece of evidence -- video animation depicting the shooting of trayvon mutton -- trayvon martin. moved out the had estimated end date of their case to as early as today. these new arguments could change that. >> i worked on 59 criminal trials. >> at issue, the motion to show
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3-d animation of the fatal shooting of trayvon martin based on their version of events. testifying before the judge, the animator explained how he created the video. seat that i have was used "x-men."r" and >> the judge has recently ruled the defense can present testimony about a small amount of thc, the active ingredient in marijuana, found in the autopsy after trayvon martin's death. testimony has centered around screams heard in the background of a 911 call. said hemartin's father was not sure who they belonged to. after listening 20 times, he is
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certain it is his son. >> basically, i was listening to my sons last call for help, his life being taken and i was trying to come to grips with that. >> there is no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> the defense presented five witnesses that all test my -- testified the screams are zimmerman's. he has pleaded not guilty to ,econd-degree murder -- murder saying he acted in self-defense. the arguments about 3-d animation went so long the judge tabled the matter saying they would revisit after court. >> rain showers continue to move through the state.
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it is about to rain right now in ocean city. it is light right now. possible thunderstorms could develop this afternoon. there is a look at the beach. 80 degrees in ocean city. 79 at the airport. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no...
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hashe surge in gun violence baltimore outpacing homicide rates from other major cities, but where are the guns coming from and could the city do more? those are the questions david collins is asking. >> the mayor and the police commissioner content stemming
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the flow of illegal guns remains a top priority, but the eyewitness news iteam has discovered that effort might be hamstrung. we rode along with a unit that traces gun crimes and stems the flow of illegal weapons. what is the primary source of illegal guns in baltimore city? >> it is through the black market. guns are illegally transferred. fixed during the ride along, look what they found and in an unlikely lace. this might be getting harder to achieve. could the unit do more? tonight, serious issues that might be handcuffing them. . am david collins ,> in the consumer alert as an online cap to
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get teenagers a productive way to spend their summer break. tois for ages 13 years old 18 years old, focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. diyers can also do art and project. you have to logon and click on maker camp. here is a site that will give adults a break at the gas pump can direct drivers to the cheapest gas prices. you can take a state and city to find your station. they happen in the blink of an eye, but experts say lightning strikes cost nearly $1 billion in losses a year. the number of claims have
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dropped, but the dollar value has skyrocketed and experts believe it is because of the increasing number of home electronics. summer is the peak season for lightning-related damage. experts say if you know a storm is coming, unplug your appliances well before hand. might know her for her role on but coming to nbc, john lynch is the host of "hollywood game night." joan, how are you? >> i am fine. >> talk about the challenges of going from acting to the host of a game show. format ofot the rigid a game show. why not takeodd
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this the -- thought why not take this experience out of my home and put it on television. it takes place in my home. twoave six celebrities and civilians and we ladies out culture -- and we play these pop-culture games. the point of the show is seeing the celebrities kick back, relax and have a lot of fun. >> how'd you become a civilian, a person that gets on with the celebrities? >> i do not know the process, but we have these great people that come in, and by the time we are well into the first game, you forget they are civilians and a are just another team member and they rise to the occasion. when you are on a team with three people that are celebrities, you just melt in. >> you are trying to get people
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to watch and also to play at home? want to feel, you like you are cheering for your favorite team. one of the fun things is you might have the answers sitting there on your couch, but sean hayes is struggling for it and you might want to scream " mayonnaise" or whatever the answer is. >> thank you, and good luck with your show. tune in thursday night for the remainder of "hollywood game night" at 10:00 p.m. on wbal-tv. >> now your insta weather forecast. ava marie. >> rain showers have traveled through the morning, but most of it has not hit the ground. the raindrops are near middle river, riviera beach, crossing
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the bay. and chestertown have a light showers. there are more light showers on the radar, very light in nature, and light rain is pushing its way toward ocean city. moving toward substantial showers to hagerstown and east of cumberland. more showers are building into garrett county. they will pass through. the atmosphere will become more unstable and the showers could turn into thunderstorms, something we have to watch out for. 79 at the airport. the temperature has fallen after the rain moved through. 80 downtown. 80 in parkton. you can see how much warmer it is along the eastern shore because they have not had the rain. it will bring the temperature down and then they will bounce back in the afternoon. much colder in the mountains for that reason -- cloud cover and
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rain through the morning. many areas will reach the upper 80's, but if you get a lot of rain, it will not go up that much. otherwise, breaks for sunshine and an isolated thunderstorm around 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.. isolated would be the keyword. not everybody will get the storm. tonight, thunderstorms will end early on. will be mostly cloudy, fallen into the low 70's." highs in the upper 80's tomorrow. if you plan to go to the beach, scattered showers and storms today. tomorrow as well and the increase thursday. we have a cold front that will come in for the end of the weekend that will eventually clear out all of this rain. hopefully that arise in time for the weekend, but if it stalls
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out, we'll be stuck with rain friday and saturday. rain chances today through thursday, hopefully drier friday. >> carrie engel is here. let's get to the questions -- i have two japanese cherry trees that need pruning. one is the time? >> when they are dormant, in the wintertime, probably the best time, but if you want to just clean it up, anytime is good. >> somebody trying to deal with another plant, wanting to know why leaves are turning yellow on a tomato plant. >> there is early blight and weight light. -- late blight. you want to give plenty of water. i have not gotten as much rain as others. make sure you measure waterfall. >> you have a beautiful plant.
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>> is his palladium. -- this is palladium. it comes in all different colors. it will do great in morning sunshine or afternoon shade. >> beautiful. thank you for coming in. next, your maryland lottery numbers and we will get another check of the insta weather plus forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay with us.
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♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> here are your midday pick three numbers. we kick it off with 3. 4. and 2. 342. introducing my lottery rewards. turn not winning scratch offs into great prizes. bob diamond is set with your pick four numbers. 3. 6. 8. ball,
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3685 --the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> ava marie is here to tell us one more time about the weather. >> were showers and storms this afternoon. not everybody will get them stormy for the next couple of days, hopefully friday and saturday driesell. >> thank you for watching.
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. stacy, looks good, huh? >> all good things come to an end. is that the case for george and stacy? i'm michelle. could it be another man for keebler, or perhaps differing views on starting a family? together again. the relationship sparks fly over the fourth of july weekend. bromance included. >> that's my secret of the day.
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>> kris jenner on the record. is she finally ready to reveal the first photo of baby north? >> do you get along great with kanye, or is it a process? >> it keeps me going, my family, michael's children. >> as she deals with so much tragedy, our catherine jackson exclusive. a tribute to her son. >> brought tears to my eyes. >> and placing a bet on the royal baby where anything goes. >> is kate too posh to push? >> lights, camera, action! the weekend of the fourth, a romance fireworks. welcome to "access hollywood". we have a lot to go through here. >> a lot, michelle. some said i do. some got back together. one romance that burned so brightly for two years, well, it finally fizzled. >> let's make them jealous. >> no need for jealousy any more. like george says here, i lost
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her. stacy was reportedly the one to call it quits with a source telling "people magazine" "she wants to have children and a family someday. she knows where george stands on that. they talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago." another source tells us the break-up had nothing to doith kids or marriage. clooney was with a group of friends boating while his 33-year-old ex spend spent her july 3rd with this man instead. he is said to be a friend from abc casting. george and stacy have not been photographed together since march as relationship trouble took them far away from their smitten days back in 2012 at the oscars. >> looks outstanding. >> by the way, she's not wearing a dress. she's just been sprayed gold. >> the night of the golden statue. >> yeah. >> you could leave with two tonight, george. >> i got one already. i'm fine. >> great. ♪ baby, you're a firework making fireworks together again, katie